Assessment System for Evaluating Test Automation Solutions

What is the primary task of many software engineers in test nowadays? It is to develop or find the right test automation solution for achieving fast, reliable, easy to understand and maintain tests that can be integrated into CI/CD pipelines. Anton Angelov will share some approaches that he regularly uses with clients during consulting to achieve these goals and discuss many common mistakes. One of the many errors is that the engineers are not doing proper research and setting the right requirements upfront, which leads to losing time developing their own solutions and maintaining lots of problematic tests later. Learn some fundamental assessment criteria for automation testing designs, why they are essential - study by lots of examples how to apply them in practice.
We will discuss acquiring the proper requirements for the searched solution and how to conduct the research the right way. Afterward, the presented assessment framework can help you to find the right test automation solution.
Anton Angelov
CTO & Co-founder Automate The Planet
Inventor of BELLATRIX Test Automation Framework. Author of "Design Patterns for High-Quality Automated Tests: High-Quality Test Attributes and Best Practices".
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Kulas Angeles
Software Engineer, Quality at eBay

Алексей Петров
Глава департамента тестирования в СберМаркет 
Iaroslava Kornachevska
Senior Software QA Engineer at Apple
Никита Белковский
Lead QA Engineer, OZON.ru

Евгений Харченко
Senior Community Lead DevOps – Raiffeisen Bank Russia
Bas Dijkstra
Test automation consultant

Дмитрий Бормотов
Автоматизатор, ментор, автор Selenium Tools

Анастасия Шафалович
Senior QA engineer в iTechart

Алексей Тараненко
Эксперт по тестированию в крупной телеком компании
Роман Якимчук
Консультант по вопросам качества, CEO RYConsulting
Раиса Липатова
Sr. Performance QA в Dins,
преподаватель по тестированию
Nikolay Avramov
Developer in Test Team Lead at Automate The Planet
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